If you are looking for custom Chain Mailing, contact Caroline Kohlmann with Bonsoir Jewelry to make your visions come true.

Below are some samples of her chain mailing.  Those with prices next to them are available for purchase. 

Contact Caroline at bonsoirjewelry@gmail.com if you have any questions.  Thank you!

European 4-1

This style of chainmaille is commonly used in chainmailled armor and makes lovely jewelry.



European 6-1

This design is more dense in comparison to the European 4-1 because there are two more rings added in.


Sweet Pea

This chain is perfect if you want visible colors


Byzantine Style

The Byzantine chain has an alternating pattern with the rings making a diamond or a hourglass shape.


Box Chain

This design is similar to the Byzantine style its difference is that the rings all go the same direction.


Hexagon Chain

Shaggy Loops

This design is a great`


Spine of the Centipede

Past Projects

These bracelets show school spirit for the Marquette Golden Eagles, University of Minnesota Spartans, and the University of Wisconsin Badgers~

This chainmaille charm can be worn on a necklace, linked into a bracelet or earrings ~

This blue choker is decorated with pearls and twisted gray jump rings. The base of the necklace uses a European 6-1 pattern with an adaptation.

A little piece of silver scale maille anchors the choker. The necklace is bright pink and purple on each half. The necklace is made with a European 4-1 pattern.