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The initial free consultation will be around 60 minutes.  In the consultation, your timeline and the amount of time you can give will be discussed.  You will receive a proposal for work that will include a plan to address your time needs and set expectations for reviewing and printing. 

This will vary depending on the project.  As an example, a 100 page book with up to 75 images (pictures, documents, or other digitized memories), standard paper, and a soft cover would be $235 for the first printing and $35 for reprints.  A 200 page book with up to 175 images, premium paper and a hard cover would be $502.50 for the first printing and $140 for reprints.    


Absolutely!  As your family history book comes together you may find yourself making more connections and wanting to research more topics.  If this is you, we will come up with a plan that allows you to see drafts of your book so that you can continue to research. 

There is a point where a book is too large, so we can also discuss having volume 2 or adding resource notes to help readers locate information not included in the book.

Before we get started, we will sign a contract that outlines expectations as well as copyright.  Because all of the information you provide is yours, each book is considered a commissioned piece of work by you and is your property.    

One caveat to this is that not everything in your collection may be something that can be legally reproduced.  We can help you determine if what you have is in the public domain or not and how to proceed if it is unknown.  (We work with a lawyer that can help as well.)  This will most likely be a factor if you have a relative that is a celebrity, but it can be a factor in other situations as well.